Community Programs

Festivals, school and university functions, church retreats, birthday parties, family reunions and other gatherings

mike deeaton park drumming international festive
Harrisonburg's In
ternational Festival

Program Overview

Facilitated group drumming is a unique and powerful way to celebrate community and add to any event.

Designed to be light hearted recreational drumming experiences, these community-building events use rhythm games and instruments that are safe for all ages. The focus is on fun and creativity. Participants quickly learn to work together and create beautiful music, even if they’ve never met each other before.

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Some related groups I’ve worked with:
Eastern Mennonite University – various student events
James Madison University – various student events
Saint Francis University’s “Arts in the Mountains” programs
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA
The New York Drum and Dance Festival
First Night Harrisonburg, VA
First Night Fredericksburg, VA
First Night Virginia (Charlottesville)
Festival in the Park, Roanoke, VA
Thiel College, Greenville, PA
Drum Talk – international drummers' conference, Pittsburgh, PA
The annual Harrisonburg International Festival
WVPT Kids' Book Festival, Harrisonburg and Charlottesville, VA
Citizens Against Sexual Assault - statewide Teen Empowerment conference
First Fridays, Harrisonburg, VA
Church retreats (and several church and chapel services)
Private birthday parties
Various weddings, family reunions and other family gatherings

What people are saying:
Mike brings energy, enthusiasm and a delightful sense of having fun to leading a drum circle. He shows up for the event with a smile on his face and sends participants home with smiles on their faces and a bit of dance in their steps.
Brian Martin Burkholder
Campus Pastor, Director of Campus Ministries
Eastern Mennonite University

He really is prepared for his work and comes across in a beautiful, loving, funny, delightful way. I really like the way all the music came together with no script or written music.