Series of educational programs for universities, schools, clubs, and children’s groups

mike deaton pre k classroom
The Furious Flower Children's Poetry Camp at James Madison University

Program Overview

Introducing a fun, hands-on approach to help children (and adults) appreciate and understand music. These programs are designed for classroom sized groups and can fit perfectly into one class period. They build on a student's current knowledge base (but with no special musical skills needed).

All programs are age appropriate, multi-sensory, and designed to actively hold a group’s attention. Children naturally relate to these engaging methods that promote fun and creative experiences before precision.

Working with pre-K students

The program may be an interactive full school assembly, a classroom workshop, or a continuing series of sessions. In any case, these programs can help stimulate a renewed and continuing interest in music. The instruments I use depend on the size and ages of the participants, and number of progressive sessions.

I have programs that support the National Standards of Music, as well as Virginia’s 3rd grade Standards of Learning on the country of Mali.

Older youth will enjoy learning more advanced playing techniques, exploring composition, and even improvisation.

Another satisfied participant

Some related groups I’ve worked with:

Various music classrooms, grades Pre-K through 12
Harrisonburg City Schools
Rockingham County Schools
Page County Schools
Staunton City Schools
Augusta County Schools
Charlottesville City Schools
James Madison University
St. Francis University
Eastern Mennonite University
Blue Ridge Community College
Minnick Education Center - Harrisonburg
"Gifted and talented" groups
After school programs
Dozens of daycare centers
Furious Flower Poetry Center
Summer Enrichment Camps
Harrisonburg Children's Museum

What people are saying:
Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop you conducted for our students.  After having attended one of your workshops on my own, I quickly recognized the valuable contribution that this experience can have in an educational setting.

As a classroom teacher, I have used the drumming skills that I learned in your workshop to teach fractions to my fourth grade class.  You were the first person I called now that I teach special education. The drumming workshop you conducted for my class was a wonderful music lesson.  It sparked new interests, confidence, and self-esteem with all of our students.  It was a pleasure to see the joy on the faces of each student as they worked together to make a unique and beautiful sound.  It is an experience that I highly recommend for everyone, of all ages.

Thanks again for everything.
Olivia Conley
Special Education Teacher
Minnick Education Center