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mike deaton international student leadership conference
Virginia's International Student Leadership Conference

Program Overview
My dynamic workshops use musical metaphors to create an environment that facilitates communication, fosters learning, and creates leadership opportunities. Individuals are rewarded for participation and see the immediate results of cooperation. This reinforces positive behaviors, builds support, and stimulates productive collaboration.

Other benefits of my hands-on teambuilding experiences include helping reduce employee burnout, delivering messages about diversity and unity, and providing tools to help your team work together more effectively, long after the music has stopped.

I can provide short ice-breakers, intensive workshops, or anything in between. Whether your group is meeting for the first time or they’ve worked together every day, these proven teambuilding techniques can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team.


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Virginia state International Student Leadership Conference
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James Madison University, Center for Multicultural Student Services staff
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What people are saying:
I could not let another day go by without saying thank you for your wonderful teambuilding workshop. You really helped us to jump start our staff retreat last week.  What a gift you are to all!!  We all left there feeling empowered by the strength in unity and pulling together. It's amazing what music can spark in each
of us.

E. Valarie Ghant
Associate Director
Center for Multicultural Student Services
James Madison University