Training for Teachers and Adults

Workshops and classes for teachers, day care providers, and anyone who works with children

Teaching at a conference at Saint Francis University this summer

Program Overview
Whether the group is experienced music teachers, or people who work with children in other fields, my programs teach exciting new ways to make music with children. Discover fun activities to help children understand and appreciate music. Learn games that will keep children interested, involved, and inspired.

Participants will develop their own sense of rhythm and learn techniques to musically empower themselves and their children. They will learn the fundamental building blocks of rhythm, and progress to learning how to create interactive learning experiences with their students. Participants will learn games that can be adapted to any age group, and learn to use rhythm as a tool to teach other subjects and ideas.

If appropriate, these workshops can also include integrated arts techniques and even information about how to make inexpensive instruments with children.

mike deaton jmu students
JMU Early Childhood Education Students

Some related groups I’ve worked with:
Virginia Department of Social Services training locations around the state of VA
Creativity in Early Childhood Education classes at James Madison University
Master of Arts in Counseling students at Eastern Mennonite University
National Raising A Reader Conference, Washington D.C.
The Virginia Education Conference
Focus On The Child – a large annual conference of Virginia child care providers
Various groups of therapists, teachers, trainers, and health care professionals

What people are saying:
Thanks for leading the drumming circle for Arts in Elementary Education grad students. My Tuesday night students have lots of positive comments to share with you. We're so glad you shared your talent with us, and so glad we learned to make music together.

Deborah F. Carrington, Ph.D.
College of Education
James Madison University


Various anonymous comments from attendees at my trainings hosted by the Virginia Department of Social Services:

The best training I’ve been to in 11 years.

I loved the instructor. He was great. I learned a lot. I will be applying everything I learned to my classroom. Keep up the good work.

The training was excellent and the instructor was clear in his objectives and making his concepts clear to us.

The best training you have ever had at this center! This workshop should be mandatory for caregivers.

This class could be adaptable to any age group, which helps anyone who works with children.

The workshop was presented in a relaxed setting but allowed for active participation. Mike was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I highly recommend this workshop for future participants. I will incorporate more music and rhythm activities into our after school program on a daily basis.

Mike makes learning very interesting.

Very excited about what he teaches – made the class very fun and showed me that anyone can play music! Mr. Deaton reminded me to have fun! He also empowered me to try something new with my two year olds.

Very hands on and easy to build on skills were introduced. Wish there were more workshops dealing with the fine arts. I have really enjoyed Mike. I had a lot of fun and received a lot of information. Mike was terrific.